Your Personal Tour Awaits! - Intermezzo!

We're all about connecting here at the Sarracenia Gallery. We've added a new feature to make your gallery visits more informative and personal!

To help you navigate each exhibition, we'll take you on a guided tour, narrated by our host, Tamara Shavon. When you enter the exhibition, you'll have the opportunity to navigate yourself, or take the guided tour, in which Tamara narrates a description of each piece. Since the tour has been captured on Youtube, you have the ability to stop at each piece for as long as you like, and then continue at your own pace.

Miss an exhibition? No worries! We'll be keeping an archive of all tours on our new Youtube channel! Please visit and bookmark our channel.

We're pleased to introduce this feature for curator Jarrett T. Camp's Intermezzo exhibition and looking forward to your feedback about your experience!

Be well and stay in touch!

The Team at Sarracenia Gallery,

Jarrett, Arti and Beth

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