Intermezzo - Extended through July 10, 2021!

Butterfly Underwater - one of a four panel series ...featured in Jarrett T. Camp's solo exhibition, Intermezzo. Catch it while it lasts!

Welcome to our blog! We've been up and running since last fall and during that time we've had the privilege of featuring stipple and pointillist work from around the world.

Our mission is to promote stipple and pointillism and art and the artists who create using these methods to create images using only dots, the density of which when applied create the illusion of volume.

Stipple and pointillism are methods that can be used across genres - realism, impressionism, and abstraction to name a few.

We are the world's only gallery in this space and we are pleased to share some exciting work with you. Please sign up for our newsletter and follow our blog (of course we're on social media too) to follow our adventures as a start up virtual gallery and to see how versatile these time honored and venerable methods are.

Intermezzo is an opportunity for you to get to know our founder and curator a bit better. So, please - stop by the gallery ad don't forget to stop in the gift shop on the way out.

Have a great day! from the Sarracenia Team...

Jarrett, Arti and Beth

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