Gearing up for The Code Exhibition: Dot Dot Dot

Detail of 'Mackerel' by Dan James

It's been an exciting journey full of ups and downs as we prepare for this weekend's opening of The Code Exhibition: Dot Dot Dot. We started early by developing a concept for the show which is inspired by Morse Code in which communication is through dots and dashes alone. We asked stipple and pointillist artists in our call for entry to show us through their art, their code, what they wished to communicate.

We got a broad spectrum of entries - some which were neither stipple nor pointillism (note: please read guidelines on all calls for entry. Sending work that doesn't meet the criteria is a waste of both your and the curator's time, much like sending in a resume for a brain surgeon's job when you're a retail manager - but more on that in future posts)and many that were quite nice but didn't mesh well with the other selected pieces. The job of a curator is not only selecting the work, but hanging the exhibition in a way that makes sense, so no matter whose call you're answering don't be disappointed if you're not accepted - it happens to the best of us!

We invited Sergio Gomez of Contemporary 33 to guest curate so after the team shortlisted artists who we thought fit the bill, he and Jarrett went through the list and culled some more. The show was hung and looked spectacular.

Then we hit a snag. Two of the artists balked at signing the contract, which was a conundrum to us. One stated that she was only interested in the virtual exhibition (Hey guys, we're a virtual gallery!) and the other because all of the work he submitted had been sold. We scratched out heads over this and made a note that in future we need to explain that as a virtual gallery we operate just like a brick and mortar gallery - only because we're on line, we can offer worldwide exposure to our artists, and we will take a commission from any sales resulting from the exhibition.

With less than a week to go before opening the show was re-hung and although we were all disappointed, we chalked it up as lessons learned for moving forward.

So for now we are getting out the press release and continuing to contact artists about next steps in the process.

We hope you'll join us at the opening July 24, 2021 right here at Sarracenia!

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