Jarrett Camp

Artist’s Statement

Using the traditional hand method of stipple and the digital hand method of pointillism, I create whole worlds in which my characters Shun and Atin reside. They remain almost subliminal within each complex world-scape but come alive when I render them digitally in full color as comic book illustration where they become champions fighting against bullying and suicide.

My stipple and pointillism work is a multi-layered process that tackles societal issues like automation, gentrification, and diseases which can either be inherited or wrought by the environment, like asthma and diabetes.

I follow a specific ritual in which I first write down my ideas. Being dyslexic, writing clearly is literally impossible for me. Putting thoughts on paper, however, helps me get my ideas out of my head. Then I go to sleep. This helps solidify the information. When I awaken, I begin my work.