About the Sarracenia Gallery  

The Sarracenia Gallery is the brainchild of Jarrett T. Camp, an award winning L.A. based dyslexic
stipple artist whose award winning work has been featured at the Smithsonian Institute in
Washington D.C.

Frustrated by the lack of representation of stipple and pointillist artists in the art world and a
general lack of awareness about these styles among the art buying public, Camp set out to
remedy the problem by creating his own art gallery dedicated solely to stipple and pointillism.
Using an online venue to promote these artforms is a win-win particularly because of its debut
during the Covid-19 pandemic shut down, but also because of its ability to engage a worldwide
audience. The gallery features artists from around the globe and aspires to create a community
for like-minded artists.

Time and patience are key to creating this versatile style of work, which originated as a method
for printmaking in the 1500’s and which can take hundreds of hours to complete. Camp pays
tribute to those who take on the challenge and aims to champion artists who dedicate
themselves to the time honored tradition.

Camp envisions Sarracenia as becoming the premier venue for stipple and pointillist art, and
the goal of his gallery is to enlighten society about the qualities and value of stipple and
pointillist work by becoming the world's most renowned gallery focusing solely on this art form.

Sarraceina Team

Jarrett Camp.jpeg

Team leader Jarrett T. Camp

Frustrated by his inability to gain traction in the art world as a stipple artist, he decided to resolve the problem by creating an art space not only for himself, but also for other stipple and pointillist artists.


Accountant And Bookkeeper

Wendy Camp manages the day to day and long term expenses, budget, accounts both payable and receivable for the gallery, assuring the smooth running of the operation.

Arti Saxena.jpg

Business Planner And Marketing Strategist,

Pointillist painter Arti Saxena was instrumental in pushing the idea forward using her over seventeen year of marketing experience to come up with a solid business plan and strategy and continues to manage these aspects of the gallery.

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